Starting your own business is as much an exhilarating experience as it is hard work. Dealing with the demands of business ownership and reveling in creative development are equally important.

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Oh, the spreadsheets. Oh, the numbers. Oh no, the taxes. Oh, but of course, your business is nothing without solvency. Business owners must pay homage to the professionals who have the know-how to cross our numeric T’s and dot our numeric I’s. Staying on top of financial circumstances and abreast of tax codes is critical to the financial health of your company. Putting off administrative responsibility because you hate Quickbooks is the equivalent of sticking your head in financial quicksand. It takes a special kind of professional to do the tedious, meticulous work that keeps your business in the black. Boheme Fox is oh so thankful to have Captain aboard as Boheme Fox’s primary numbers gal!

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According to Boheme Fox’s resident word nerd, Liz Greer, “The thing is, words will help you. Startups need kickstarts, and small businesses benefit from big creativity to achieve a more prominent place on the map. Even seasoned ones sometimes need fresh words to help rediscover or redefine their purpose. The right words can set you on a determined course of action, make you turn a different corner, or blow you in a direction the wind never could.” Words matter, and Liz is passionate about finding the ones that advance your purpose!

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Peering around corners to protect your business interests from risk isn’t easy, but it is certainly apt to give business owners an uneasy feeling. Having sound contracts in place significantly curtails the potential for problems and offers peace of mind that you’re covered if something goes wrong. An effective contract clearly sets forth the expectations and obligations of both you and your client, leaving little room for ambiguity when it comes to the terms of your business relationship. Having contracts in place also helps bring about resolution when conflicts do arise. Boheme Fox has the utmost confidence in Liz Greer to help our creative and small business clients with their service agreements.

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Whether you're just starting out or scaling your business, receiving professional guidance in pursuit of professional goals helps you maximize your company’s potential. A business coach offers advice based on specific business needs, and is often a catalyst for creativity and action. From improving mindset to creating business strategies, business coaching is all about motivation and growth. Boheme Fox is proud to have superstar Amanda Chils on board to help you and your business soar.

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Social media is an incredible business tool. While platforms are technically free to use, the time required to use them advantageously is costly. It’s also tricky. Algorithms are constantly changing, the demand for content is ever-increasing, and trends come and go. If the thought of managing your own social media is overwhelming, why not offload this workload to Boheme Fox’s favorite social media guru, Claire Richards!

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Claire is a bona fide social media goddess. She’s here to simplify and streamline your online life. Need we say more? Maybe just hallelujah! She works magic with social media management, but it’s no trick! Claire is a pro who takes care of keeping you visible, on-scene, in touch, and most importantly, on-brand! So, take the pressure off the table and unclutter your desk. And there’s more! Claire is a SEO whiz to boot. She cleverly works that quirky system with her SEO know-how to get your business on the map and in front of the right eyes. Her all-in-one services with proven metrics will leave you wondering how you’d ever keep up without her!

Social Media Management

Claire Richards

Given her appreciation for the unconventional and her clever artistic skill, Elise really is the quintessential boheme fox! Driven to help clients bring the full scope of their projects to fruition and realize their dreams, she works with dedication and perseverance, always passionate about her art. From inquiry to delivery, Elise doesn’t relent until the rhapsody sets in. Her keen eye, intrinsic talent, natural way with people, know-how, and unique artistic flair, manifest in not just an outstanding product for her clients, but an unforgettable experience. For her own entrepreneurial struggles and successes, Elise understands your mission and shows up for your business like it was her own. 

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Elise Fermin

With an approach that is truly inspiring, a one-of-a-kind personality, and a love of farm animals, Amanda just might be the most interesting coach in the world! Whether you need a nudge out of the nest or want to scale your business to reap bigger rewards, Amanda embraces her clients as they are, wherever they are. With a no-nonsense, no-excuses, yes-you-absolutely-can approach, Amanda helps her clients understand they can do it, how to do it, and how to stay on track with sanity intact. You’ll explore the high-priority subjects: operations, marketing, sales, product, and finance. You’ll discuss the psychology of business, overcoming obstacles, and the bittersweet realities of meeting monthly and yearly goals. Amanda seeks to help you define the why + how of what you do in turbo-boost style to get your business moving full speed ahead!

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Amanda Chils

Captain earns her name by keeping your ship afloat and on course by avoiding those dreaded icebergs lurking beneath the surface (AKA financial woes + tax problems). Tax consultants may speak a different language, but Captain breaks down complex matters and thoroughly explains things in simple terms you can wrap your head around. From bookkeeping to understanding tax consequences, she’s got all your numbers. With Captain at the helm, you’re sure to safely navigate the often-murky waters of the financial aspect of running a business and never run aground!

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Another multi-hat-wearing wonder on the crew is Liz. With 20+ years of legal experience and a deep love for words, Liz is your go-to wordsmith for all things written. Liz is a versatile writer adept at selling words and concepts, and being a former litigator, she knows a thing or two about the art of persuasion! Website copy, content, marketing materials, taglines, bios, blogs, business writing, and contracts – it’s all in her wheelhouse. Liz thinks it’s important to get to know you before she puts you in ink. Every project involves an at-length sit-down and chat session to help ensure the voice, tone, and messaging of the words she chooses capture you and your vision.

Interested in trademarking your stuff? Liz will tell you that protecting your intellectual property should be high on your priority list. From research to registration, she’s got you covered!

Legal + Copywriting

Liz Greer

Stay on top of your game! The talented Boheme Fox team members are masters of their crafts and are here to ensure you have your bases covered and the peace of mind that lets you keep the momentum going!

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